Should Be Cleaning/Packing…

But instead I’m posting. Figures.

So, I have a theory that I haven’t yet put to the test, but maybe it’s big knitting that causes me pain; the needles I used for my grandmother’s neck warmer were 8mm and typically I’m a sock knitter. We’ll find out tomorrow when my parents, grandma and I head south to my cousins’ and I can knit in the car.

In spite of my lack of holiday spirit, many of my gifts are done. I painted two paintings for my friends’ sons, made my grandmother a neck warmer (I finished it last night as I hadn’t knitted since the 13th) and a Father Christmas figure, and embroidered doves onto place mats for my mother.

I had to put some stuff on hold due to lack of funds and the shoulder, but my plans to finish include painting a couple T-shirts, etching some glasses, and knitting some socks for my father (may as well wait till I have his measurements) and a Domo Kun for my cousin’s son. Oh, and getting the materials to replace the gift I lost for my cousin’s daughter (a sock-monkey kit…must find purple socks), as well as the materials for my friend’s wall art I plan on doing, but I need her to help me choose the fabric since she’s got to live with it (I printed off a tutorial of what I plan to do for her).

There may be some embroidering as well…

Anyway, I’m going to the land of dial-up so the radio silence that has bowed down to the crafting is going to continue. Catch you on the flipside!  Happy celebrating whatever festivities you dig on!


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