So I haven’t knitted in awhile.  I’m itching for the needles, but the shoulders are still a little stiff.  Although yesterday I sure gave them a bit of different exercise; I shoveled the walk a bit (it’s been snowing quite a lot, yay!  No more brown Christmas!) and hauled my winter tires to the car.

Oh, and Sunday night I rearranged my living room because my friends brought me their old 32″ TV and the desk my computer was on became my TV stand (it’s made of saw-horses that I built with the guidance of my dad and topped with a hunk of plywood); I love what I’ve done with the place.  Now I just have to get a new tree since the stand on mine is dead (I’m thinking of taking the old tree to work; it might be possible for it to stand there).

But the TV definitely isn’t the only gift I’ve received.  Last week I got my lovely package from Jennicakes through Back Tack 4.  She sent some awesome chocolates, a hand-embroidered wall hanging and little lined bag, glycerin soap, and a sweet little cupcake necklace.



And a coworker gave me my early Christmas present, and I was all but undone.


It’s so true.


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