I received some mail this past week but have been too much of a slacker to post about it.  So here I finally am.

First Parcel: Boo-Ty Swap.  I got some really lovely things from Judds R’Us.  They all came wrapped in the cute orange gingham bag.  Ghirardelli chocolates (OMG they were so good!), a package of Hallowe’en gummies, a little notebook and ghosty pen, a cute little pocket mirror which will come in handy, a Jack O’Lantern plate and a little pair of bags for carrying around my sock knitting.  So great, thanks so much!


And the second parcel was the second half of the gifts I mentioned earlier from CarpeDyem for the Favorite Things swap (you can only see that link if you’re a Ravelry member) through Ravelry and Knit & Purl Mama.  The first parcel came with almost every single needle size under the sun in bamboo straights, the fulled knitted bag, the Noro yarn (which is of course already being worked with into toe-up socks), the little polka-dot notebook where I’ve started taking notes on my Noro socks, the pumpkin candles, the very useful clothespin style stitch markers and two packets of Horlicks Hot Chocolate malt drink.  After getting the Horlicks I found out that you can get it in Canada but so far I’ve not found the chocolate variety which makes me sad because I had the first packet and had the best sleep in recent memory.  So I’m hoarding the second packet.  But I digress.  In the second package was the giant tin of chocolate dipped Cadbury’s cookies (insert Homer-like groan here) and the most deliciously fragrant Earl Grey ever.  So lovely; I’m so spoiled.



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