Been Busy


Did some traveling for work last week; bought some lovely fabrics in Canmore (Lil Rose Thorn took the shot through the rear window) and some nursing uniforms to go with our Great War interpretation in Calgary.  Took a wee detour and checked out Make One Yarn Studio and met this lovely wheel; I decided it looked like a Sesame Street Honker.  It’s really cool because it works like a pendulum!  Sorry the photos are blurry, I didn’t want to use my flash.



I built some interpretive underwear out of linen.  I used a Buckaroo Bobbins pattern though I got the embroidery pattern elsewhere and likely won’t use the same pattern for the bloomers again because it’s a weird shape (although that’s not the reason one leg looks bigger than the other, that’s because the one leg has the mannequin’s stand through it).


And I got a little bit of mail.  I took part in the Favorite Things swap in Raverly and got half of an amazing package (part two is still coming) from CarpeDyem (most clever name ever!).  I’ll do a proper post of it later, but here’s a shot of some of what I got.



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