I’m Back

The funeral was nice, it was nice catching up with family (and oddly enough we caught up more with Dad’s side of the family than Mom’s), and the weather was so nice that my dad finished combining!  Dad and I got to go fishing on Monday and I actually caught 5 and kept 2 (Dad caught 6 and kept 4) and Mom, Dad, Trever and I ate them for supper that night (the only time other than rushing mornings that the four of us spent together).

An interesting part of the funeral was that my grandmother chose a really sweet urn with an angel on it, but my grandfather, having been about 6’4″, was too big so we actually had to have a second box to store him in.  And when my grandmother passes away, she doesn’t want to be cremated and she wants Grandpa’s urns to be placed in the coffin with her.

We all pulled through everything quite well.  My grandfather would have turned 91 next month, so he has had a good go of it, and everyone was really supportive of my grandmother.  She was kind of blessed (in that uncomfortable sort of way) in that he had been in a home or the hospital for over a year so she had already gotten used to him not being in the house, but it’s still going to be an adjustment as she had visited him quite often.

Thanks for the kind words and thoughts; I’ll post something lighter soon, I promise.  Likely it’ll be something to do with socks.


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