Confession Time

So…I didn’t finish my Master Spinner Level 2 homework and had to get an extension.  I think the cut-off date is November 1…tonight, if all goes according to plan (which it hasn’t been…I had to go to my office twice this morning because I forgot things there that were important to finishing; like my carders, my wool combs, and for the second visit, my scale!) I should be finished.

Earlier this week I decided I wouldn’t let myself do any personal knitting until I did finish it, which has been PAINFUL.  Especially with the Through the Loops Mystery Sock Knit Along for Socktoberfest.  I didn’t, however, stop myself from buying the yarn nor from starting to dye it.  I purchased some Sandnes Mini Alpakka and it’s currently languishing just below 200 F in a pre-mordant bath of Alum and Cream of Tartar.  I’m going to dye it with Cutch Extract from Maiwa.

And on Thursday I bought myself a little gift to hang out in the office.  Yes, it’s a cactus, and yes, it’s got pink needles.  Noice.


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