Kinda Random

I don’t post more than once a week, and now three days in a row.

I’m still sick; my left sinus and ear have been causing me pain, and now my ears feel like someone is squishing them just enough that it doesn’t hurt but it isn’t really comfortable either.  I’m in my comfy pants and I’m going to finish watching X-Files season 8 while working on (and hopefully finishing) my first Aquaphobia sock which is going really quickly and is so great.

This is my friends’ dog Jack.  I just love this photo; I didn’t even have to do any touch-ups on it as my friends’ house has such great natural lighting in the afternoon.  Jack didn’t like my camera very much; I had it on silent mode, and the clickings and whirrings it made drove Jack crazy so getting a pic of him was tough but well worth it.

I’m going to attempt to sign up for my third and final swap of the year.  Back Tack 4 is going up; sign ups start on the 30th.

Tomorrow I’m going to try to head out the the Make it Craft Fair.  It looks great and I have a coupon for $1 off the ticket!

And I spent money yesterday; it isn’t difficult for me to justify books and I know this one has to be in my collection (it should have been long ago).  After shipping, it came to $48.  It’s out of print and I had seen copies for $74, so it’s actually a small price to pay for a book that promises a lot of knowledge and a plethura of classic knitting patterns.  Yay Elizabeth Zimmermann!

I also bought the new Mother Mother album this week.  I don’t seem to have the same love for this one that I had for Touch Up.  Touch Up created in me an immediate connection and obsession.  This one…well, as Grant Lawrence of CBC Radio 3 put it, has a more mature sound.  And I liked the immaturity I guess.  I’m sure, given time, I will come to love this album, but I’m not sure that I will ever feel the joy I felt with the first album with this one.  Still good though; I will always love Mother Mother.


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