I’m Still Alive! Don’t Send Anyone Searching!

Ya, I suck; I’ve not been very busy, just distracted.  Or lazy.  You pick.

There have been a couple more arrivals in the Swap Softly area; just waiting on news for three more and we’re done (here’s hoping they’re not lost in the mail…).

I’ve signed up for a couple of swaps myself.  One is Firefly’s third installment of Boo-ty Swap (yay!) and the other is a swap through Ravelry called “Favourite Things” (that’s a Ravelry link).

And I’ve been knitting and fingerweaving:

February Lady Sweater using Cascade 220 and 5.0 mm needles:

Aquaphobia Socks using Liberty’s Yarn “A Tale of Two Socks” and 2.25 mm needles:

And the Fingerweaving using Briggs and Little (it’s a wee sample; I can tie it around my thigh):


2 thoughts on “I’m Still Alive! Don’t Send Anyone Searching!

  1. Love the yarn for the socks. Jealous of your Feb Lady Sweater (totally want to make one). Glad you signed up for my swap on Rav (I extended sign ups for 2 weeks, as people still didn’t finish signing up) and hope all is well with you!
    I also joined Booty 3! I’ve done the past ones so far!

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