Montreal So Far

I hung out with Knit and Purl Mama much of the day Thursday and she proved to be a very kind and generous hostess (from whom I purchased the yarn below), and it was lovely hanging out with her knitters.  Trev’s friend thought I was brave to meet complete strangers I met over the internet, but we knitters are an unusual lot…besides, we all have a common thread in yarn (have I ever mentioned that I love puns?). 

While my lovely hostess ran errands, I also visited the Old Port where I returned to my favourite gallery (it’s like this place was made for me…too bad I can’t afford the artwork), ate at a really nifty restaurant where I had the Saddle of Rabbit Crepe and the apple and maple crepe with cheese which was really quite tasty, and I visited La Cour where I bought this fantastic bracelet. 

Friday I visited Main Madness; they shut down a sizable chunk of St. Laurent and have a large sidewalk sale/party.  I bought very little, and I can’t show what I bought right now.  But it was a warm wander; I was wearing inappropriate clothes for such warm temperatures.  I’m hoping that my shopping ambivalence will disappear next week…Here are some mural shots, my favourite parts of visiting Montreal.

And this wee bit of green, trying to make it big in the world.


3 thoughts on “Montreal So Far

  1. Glad you had a good time with me and my knitting buddies. That bracelet you got is fabulous!

    Thanks again today for the sewing help, I really appreciate it! See you tomorrow!

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