Funniest Tour Ever!

Have you ever watched the film So I Married an Axe Murderer?  There’s a scene where Mike Meyers and his buddy go to Alcatraz for a tour, and their guide, played by the late Phil Hartman, gives the tour in an exceptionally dry but painfully hilarious way?  That’s the kind of tour guide my brother, his friend C and I had yesterday when we went to the Ben & Jerry’s plant for a tour.  He was really rather dead-pan, but we kept laughing so hard.  Best quotes:

“There’s a guy who works down there named Christian.  He’s got tattoos.  We’re friends on Facebook.”

“Tonight there will be a free movie on the patio.  It’s Ferris Beuler’s Day off.  I’ll be there.  You can be there, or don’t be, I don’t care.”

Awesome.  More awesomeness?  I had my first taste of Fish Food; they don’t sell it in any of the shops I go to in Canada…though maybe they would at the standalone shops.  I came, I saw, and I DO have the T-shirt to prove it (I’m such a geek).

Other highlights of the day included a nifty McDonalds in Malone and a tasty meal at Tail O’the Pup in Saranac, New York, ferry ride across Lake Champlain between New York and Vermont (though I didn’t see Charles, their alleged lake monster).  We drove through Lake Placid, but didn’t stop.  It looked like an interesting little town, and had a nifty shopping district but we were so full of meat that we were kind of ambivalent at this point.  

If you’re ever in Quebec with the ability to drive down into the States and you like scenery involving hills, mountains, and lush vegetation, I totally recommend going into New York and Vermont through Lake Placid and Burlington.  And don’t forget to stop and taste the ice cream along the way!


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