Maybe a Little Frazzled

Having fundamentally recovered from my flu, I’m leaving for my multi-city international tour Thursday morning, but I’ve had so much going on lately that I haven’t got a lot prepared. I’m mostly good, but if I were a better organised person, I’m sure I’d be completely ready. But we love me because I’m scattered, right?

2 sleeps till vacay!

Today has been a day of awesome news! It’s one great friend‘s birthday, my brother got some fantastic news from one of the schools he’s wooing, a good buddy called to tell me that he got engaged to his long-time girlfriend and that I have to be available in January, and another friend is pregnant! I’m so happy for everyone!

If you’re in E-town during the Fringe, I highly recommend seeing this show, and not just because I was involved (costume consultation). Nope, you have to see it and then tell me how it was because I’m going to be on vacation while it’s on. 😦 Well, and it is awesome. The vocals in this show are astounding; I just saw the cast rehearse because it was the only way I was going to see it and all of the work they’ve put into it is just fantastic!

Did I mention that I have two sleeps till I go on vacation?

And very soon it will be one…


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