Another F.O. and Some Other Stuff

I finished the socks I based on this pattern.  I did them toe-up with a figure-8 cast-on and a short row heel, used 3.0 mm needles and Araucania Ranco Multi yarn, but I don’t have the colourway as I seem to have misplaced the ball band.  This rib is a good mindless repeat, great for taking along to parties and the like when you may have several interruptions in a day.  And the yarn is thick enough that it made for really quick knitting!

I may have found the coolest pattern for the yarn I posted about a couple days ago for my train knitting.

And this kitten almost looks like a kitten we had a couple of years ago named Muffin.  Sometimes I call her M2.


2 thoughts on “Another F.O. and Some Other Stuff

  1. Holy shite. She does look like Muffin! That’s a supercute photo you got – I’m surprised she held the Sphynx pose long enough!

    And nicely done on the socks. I finished a sock once. Note it was _a_ sock. I have yet to do the other… *sigh*

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