Finished Objects! I’m On a Roll!

First, a scarf for me, that is taller than me.  2×2 rib knit by alternating two Noro Silk Garden colourways (252&225) on 4.5 mm needles.  Soaked then hung to get the length; before hanging, the scarf measured 5’6″.  I haven’t measured the finished length…all I know is I’m 5’4″(ish) and it’s way taller than me, which is FANTASTIC!  Oh, and for those of you who knew I had pink hair, it’s still there, it’s just been over-dyed with henna so it’s a little more subtle.

And a couple of shots of the latest sweater I knit for work.  It’s going to go onto 1920 Street, I don’t remember what yarn it is (but I got a bag of it for cheap at Salvation Army), and it was knit on 4.5 mm needles for the body and 4.0 mm needles for the trim.  100% wool.  The pattern is called “Patterned Vest” by Deborah Newton, number 26 in Vogue Knitting’s Fall 2005.


2 thoughts on “Finished Objects! I’m On a Roll!

  1. Gasp, it’s Delly in the flesh! And you can almost see her face! 🙂 Hee hee!

    The colors on your long-ass scarf turned out so nice. It’s also interesting how a modern pattern fits into a long gone era. I actually really like that pattern. It’s interesting but simple at the same time which is nice.

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