It’s “Happy Trent Reznor Day!” Again

And yet, instead of going to see Nine Inch Nails (of whom I own four or five albums) tonight while they’re rocking the stadium, I’m going to the Winspear to watch Ani DiFranco (of whom I don’t own any albums).  I didn’t realise as I purchased the Ani tix that Trent was going to be in town on the same night, though I did know that he was going to be here at the end of the month.  I’m still okay with this, really I am.  Ani’s a fascinating artist with so many styles and wicked guitar abilities (I’ve borrowed some albums from the library); she’s playing in a far better venue (I don’t really like stadium shows; they’re over-loud and often people in neighbouring seats are doing something that annoys me), and I’ve got several great friends going with me!

Besides, I like to believe that with the amount of times NIN’s already been here while I’ve lived in this city that I haven’t gone, Trent’s likely to come back, and maybe I’ll be able to see him in the future.

So.  Happy Ani Day!


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