Spin Me Right Round…

I had to quote that song…I am nothing if not a slave to the fromage. This post is, of course, about the status of my Master Spinner homework.

Today, because it’s a beautiful day and I wasted my last weekend in my apartment, I’m going to go outside and spin for awhile. The one thing about a basement apartment is that I don’t have access to a balcony, so I’m going to take my Moroccan rug and sit and spin on our front step. Heehee…first I’m going to play a bit with my new spindle:

Isn’t she beautiful? She’s a takli, and she spins so smooth and true. I got her with my cotton kit from Cotton Clouds (who have really great customer service, by the by). The cotton currently on the takli is naturally coloured that way! Awesome!

I may take my wheel out later, but the step isn’t very large…I may have to find a bit of plywood or something at some point, and a lawn chair, as there’s this really underutilized section of our lawn by a big ol’ spruce that could become my “balcony”.  I wonder where I could find these things for free?  Or I’ll just spin in my apartment with the blinds open (gasp).

I’ve put Level II on a bit of a hiatus, not because I’m being a slacker…well, maybe a little due to that.   However, right now the reason is that I have decided that I need more supplies.  I was trying to do all of my course work with the supplies provided in class, but I lost a lot in trying to figure it out.  And, I’ll admit, that some of the stuff I did do could be better; my llama/blend project in which I was supposed to make a mini vest is…unimpressive. and there are a few other things I could enhance. I’ve got this little extra time, I may as well take it. So I’ve ordered more supplies through Etsy and Ebay, and am waiting for them to be shipped off and arrive, hopefully in the next two weeks.

And then later tonight, I’m going to see the last show of my long-lost buddy’s band, The Uncas.

Tomorrow, among whatever else I’ll be doing, I’m going to go see Metric and Bedouin Soundclash at the local exhibition.


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