Some Things Knitterly

So…maybe it’s a good thing I’m only working one job right now.  I had a panicky moment (or ten) on Wednesday last week when I realised I had a two day weekend coming and I hadn’t made any plans to do anything with it.  I ended up going to a food gathering with a couple of friends for lunch on Friday and then didn’t leave my apartment at all on Saturday, which is terrible because it was such a beautiful day.  I ended up watching the first five discs of Season 6 of the X-Files throughout the weekend, and playing some Guitar Hero III and Lego Indiana Jones.

And I knitted.  I finished one sock and started on the second, using the stitch pattern for these Campfire Socks but creating my own pattern to go with my Araucania Ranco Multi:

And I’ve been knitting for work while at work too.  I got this yarn at a Salvation Army, and the pattern is #26 from Vogue Knitting Fall 2005.  I’m making it for a 1920s sweater vest; it shows promise.


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