So Far, So Delightfully Good

Today I have walked to the Farmers’ Market to hang out with a friend, got flirted with by a Guerilla Gardener (at least that’s what my friend said; I’m sadly oblivious), wandered around an artwalk, and enjoyed being that pink-haired girl wearing the shades and the rough-woven straw hat as I walked back home.  I finished reading a book, sent out my swappers’ partners, and mostly cleaned my house.  I just have to dust and vacuum and wash the floor…but I was hungry so I thought I’d share my lovely day 2 of my first real 2-day weekend in recent memory while I snacked on some Farmers’ Market finds.

Here’s a kitten in a tree:

And I wanted to share this link to this site that I wish I could understand because I love it.  The link will take you to a really clever magazine rack, but what first caught my attention was her metre-stick knick-knack shelf.

Now I must get back to cleaning; I have friends coming over for some potluck, DDR, Guitar Hero, and hopefully some real-life, outdoor frisbee!


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