Pictures from the last week or so…

First, a shot of the turban I just finished for work this evening.  In the background you can see the costume the Brocade Goddess built that goes with it.  It’s for our fortune teller, and it’s based on a Poiret.

Then some shots from Yarn School:

1) A cotton boll in my lap.

2) 25 Skeins dyed in one bath but the mordants and the modifiers made them all look different.

3) My homemade silk hankie (I have to spin yarn from it.  It’s made of 7 silk cocoons, and it doesn’t look nearly as lovely as its professional counterparts).

And then a photo I took through my windshield of one of the storms I experienced while staying at my parents’ during yarn school.  I took a lot of storm photos; you’ll probably see more.


3 thoughts on “Pictures from the last week or so…

  1. Ooooh, goody goody, the turban looks fantastic! Has she seen it all finished yet? She’s gonna be so excited wear it, I’m sure – everyone else will be jealous!

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