It’s interesting that a word can have two meanings; home is the place where I grew up, but it’s also the place where I live now.  I’m at the home where I live now, having returned from the old home.  And I’m happy in both.  Most of the time; you know how it is.

So I was at yarn school this past week.  Despite not having finished Level 2 (because one shouldn’t work that many jobs, really; but don’t worry, I got an extension, and if I’m a good girl, I could be done in two weeks), I got to attend class for Level 3.  I LOVED this level’s class.  So awesome!  We got to learn how to spin cotton, which is so super fantastic, and Ramie (of which ours was a high quality fibre so it was a treat to spin), and learned more things about silk, AND we got to learn how to do some novelty yarns!  Our teacher was great; she just kept us working and things just made such sense!

I want to start my Level 3 homework right away, but it would be best to finish Level 2 first.  Oh, and you want to know the sad thing?  I thought I was months overdue with my Level 2.  But the good news is that we had a year to do our homework instead of 9 months, so I’ll only be a few weeks behind if I finish in two weeks!  Awesome!

I’ll have some photos when I remember to bring my camera cable home from work.

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