Too Lazy for Photos

Life has been in an upheaval for me this week.  There was kitchen drama.  My over-flowing (with other people’s dishwater) kitchen sink turned out to be a major plumbing repair job that involved, among many other things, a jackhammer, and work was done in my kitchen AND my bedroom.  I currently have two 3’x3′ patches of concrete curing; one in my kitchen, the other in my bedroom.  Things should be back to normal by Monday or so, which will be nice, and I think I’m grateful that I’m not much of a sleep-walker (I did it once when I was little; Mom found me on the living room floor watching the TV which wasn’t turned on, and told me that I was asleep and should go back upstairs to bed…I don’t remember this personally) or there might be a footprint in the concrete in my bedroom.

I’ll admit that I came unglued Wednesday night when I thought the clog would be repaired but found a huge gaping hole in my kitchen instead.  Happily, one of my neighbours is a good friend and had stopped by when he saw my light was on and gave me the skinny he got from my landlord who hadn’t left a note, otherwise I wouldn’t have slept at all that night.

So I’m tired from the drama, but I’m lazy because I took Stella to work today!  It was the first time I rode her because I thought I had a helmet, but I discovered that the glue that had held the strap to the helmet had come unstuck, and I couldn’t get to the store to get a new helmet until last night.  Click on this link, and you’ll see my cute new helmet…it’s the minty green one that’s got little fire-worky flowers on it in the middle row, second from the right.

It took me 20-30 minutes to get to work, and 60-70 minutes to get back (I kept forgetting to look at my watch whenever I started off, remembering sometime into the trip that I should have done so).  I now have my route figured out, and appreciate working in a river valley and living above it so much more now that I’ve got my beautiful bike to take me to some beautiful sites (and sights!) that I couldn’t have done with the car.

June is Bike Month in my city, and I finally partook in my own personal celebration.


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