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Dainty Kitty tagged me here.

What were you doing 10 years ago?

That was the first year I managed the costume shop.  Yowza!  I lost 10 lbs in two weeks because I was running around so much trying to get all of the staff clothed.  I was encouraging my assistant at the time to make friends with everyone because I hadn’t been encouraged to fraternize with the interps when I was the assistant, and I was living in Edmonton in my own apartment for the first time; still too shy to make friends with too many people, but developing some very good relationships that would last at least a decade.

What are 5 things on my to-do list?

  1. Finish my Master Spinner Homework (I feel sheepish…working two jobs and doing this homework is not an option any more, I had to let one job go, though I’m going to miss it)
  2. Bike to work at least once a week, but hopefully more
  3. Renew my license plates
  4. Get my fishing license
  5. Have a two-day weekend in which I don’t book myself into anything now that I only work one job

Where have I lived?

On my parents’ farm, in my grandparents’ basement in Red Deer, in my cousins’ basement in Sherwood Park, in a crazy lady’s basement in St. Albert, and I’m in my fifth apartment (second basement apartment) in Edmonton.

What would I do if I was a billionaire?

I assume that this is a “new money” kind of thing; I’d have to have won multiple lotteries to get that wealthy, or married really well…each of these options would create different outcomes.

Lottery: I’d have to move away to prevent the random people who said “Hi” to me once in my lifetime from hitting me up for a buck.  I’d go somewhere obscure and temperate, where I’d have a small house with a little studio, where I would knit, sew, and do whatever without obligation, and I’d raise sheep and/or goats and have a dog or two.  I’d probably get therapy because I could afford it, and maybe that would help me get over my shyness and I’d meet my mate.  I’d make sure my parents never had to sell any more land and I’d have an account just to help them and my brother have fun without worrying about if they can afford it.  I’d go to school and study anything and everything that took my fancy, and I’d have the money invested in green businesses while living off the interest.

Marriage: I will of course have married someone powerful and well-respected who would have to attend all sorts of engagements.  Which would mean that I would have to go with him.  So I’d have to get training in small-talk, and the things that he found charming in me when I was in the under-40k bracket would disappear, and he’d take a mistress, and I’d oggle but not touch the pool-boy, but I’d make sure our kids knew how to cook and do their laundry and make things so that they wouldn’t be soulless (I just heard about some kids who didn’t do laundry; they’d buy new clothes, wear them for awhile and then toss them when they got dirty.  They didn’t even give them to Value Village or the Salvation Army.  It made me nauseous).  I’d try to find charities that I would like, but the wives in my circle wouldn’t approve, and his mother definitely wouldn’t approve, and it would be terrible.  Nope, I don’t want to marry into that much money.

Who would I like to know more about?

All of my regular commenters (commentors?).


One thought on “Tagged

  1. I LOVE YOUR TOTORO THINGIEEEE CAN I HAVE ONE TOO?? How long did you sort of knit it?! i really like it. no i’m in love with it. byebyee!

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