Everyone, Meet Stella

She’s bold, she’s beautiful, and she’s well accessorised! She’s my lightly used Batavus Old Dutch, and she came home with me today.

I had been tempted by cruisers, but this bike will still be cute on me when I’m 40, whereas the cruisers of today would only suit me for a few years. Consider too that she’s made in Holland, by a company that uses water-based paints instead of oil-based, uses green electricity and their own water treatment plant, and she’s made of stainless steel instead of chrome-plaited steel, the footprint of this lovely beasty is beautiful. And the store I bought her in is a bit of a “Mom and Pop” kind of shop, which means I supported local industry rather than some big multi-national chain. All of this makes me smile.

As does the fact that I’m going to practically have to learn to ride a bike again because her center of gravity is different than my old mountain bike (you’re very upright on this bike).

But she’s almost as tall as I am…


4 thoughts on “Everyone, Meet Stella

  1. I love it! I’ve been looking at secondhand bikes in hopes of finding something like that, too. And that basket (or whatever it is exactly) is cool.

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