The Goodness and the Badness

Here’s a photo from my last vacation, a shot of a mini rubber chicken in some driftwood by a huge mountain lake. I don’t have any new exciting photos, so I thought I’d post this one to add a little interest. Plus I love this shot.

So, the badness is, it seems I am allergic to the sun. I can no longer slack off in putting on the SPF 45 before leaving the house, else I break out into itchy blisters. This sucks. I’m a sun baby.

But there is so much goodness that I can survive even this.

  1. I had a very minor fender-bender this past winter. There was a lot of snow, and the road I was on had no shoulders; a school bus took up a little too much road for my comfort and I ended over compensating in the soft snow, gliding gently into the ditch. Left a small dent in my front bumper, but no real harm done (aside from embarrassment). Yesterday I walked to my car in a large parking lot and had to look inside to make sure it was indeed mine because the dent in the bumper was gone. Apparently I don’t look at my front bumper very often…I think when I last got my oil changed my garage dudes may have just popped it out. It gave me warm fuzzies.
  2. I have a few prints I’ve collected in the last few years, and I asked my mom to get them framed by her person in Innisfail whose work is apparently great and affordable. She’s sending them up with some friends tomorrow! I can’t wait to see them, nor to figure out where they’ll end up.
  3. I haven’t watched TV in ages. I stopped getting reception at least a year ago, and I had access to cable, but really only used it to watch the favourite shows, and after the writers’ strike, I didn’t really go looking for anything. Last night I found reception and a whack of new peasant-vision channels, and I watched the last half of a show that was filmed at my place of employment! Fear Itself is the show, The Sacrifice was the episode.
  4. I have a vacation booked. I’m going to travel around Ontario, Quebec and New York (State, not City) in August! I’m stoked! I get to visit friends and family, and it is going to be so good! I’m likely going to die of the humidity mixed with the heat (I’m a prairie girl…sure, it’s warm, but it’s a dry heat), but I’m sure I’ll survive so long as I keep up with the sunscreen. This is the first summer vacation I’ve had in…oh…13 years, and it’s going to last a blissful 2 weeks!

Happy dance!


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