Me from A to Z(ed)

Stolen from Everybody Loves Saturday Night.

Accent: Canadian prairies meets historic site.

Breakfast or no breakfast: Maple Mini Wheats.

Chore I don’t care for: dishes.

Dog or cat: Dog, though I’m surrounded by cats.

Essential electronics: Computer, phone, the Pod (what I call my Nano), TV, Xbox 360.

Favorite cologne: Don’t really wear perfumes, though I’m fond of Liz Arden’s Green Tea. I wear Nomad deodorant by Crabtree and Evelyn though.

Gold or silver: Silver.

Handbag I carry most often: lately my Old Navy beaded/sequined bag that Sandra gave to me, though the TokiDoki bag is out a lot too.

Insomnia: Occasionally. I’m a worrier.

Job Title: Costume Manager

Kids: I’d like a couple if I ever found the right guy to help me with that.

Living arrangements: Fantastic one-bedroom that I can never leave unless life takes me elsewhere or pays me more money.

Most admirable trait: My boisterous laugh?

Naughtiest childhood behavior: I used to suck on my finger, and I developed a baby voice when I was five that grated on my brother’s nerves.

Overnight hospital stay: Nope.

Phobias: agoraphobia.

Quote: “Don’t tease me about my hobbies, dude; I don’t tease you about being an asshole.” Garden State

Reason to smile: Spring. The green grass grew all around, all around, and the frogs sang their joy.

Siblings: one older driven brother.

Time I wake up: anywhere between 7 and 8, though the insomnia monkeys will mess with that whenever.

Unusual skill or talent: I can move my pinky toes.

Vegetable I refuse to eat: Where do I start? Tomatoes, turnips, yams and sweet potatoes. Wait, tomatoes are fruit. Still, really don’t like them.

Worst habit: Sloth.

X-rays: Teeth, and one foot that was dealing with growing pains.

Yummy stuff: I live on Good Host Iced Tea. And I’m not bad at baking.

Zoo animal I like most: Takin are pretty cool, as are bush babies, and I like the curiously wise looks of the three toed sloth, though I’d like them better in the wild.


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