While chatting on MSN with my buddy, I admitted that my crafting mojo seems to be gone.  And he responded with, “You still have crafty mojo, naybe just in other areas.”  And then clarified with “*maybe” and I said that he created a new word, “Naybe: as in, perhaps, but it’s not likely.”

I have walked into two of my favourite knitting stores in the last few weeks and walked out without buying anything for myself.  I’m broken.  This is the true cost of working three jobs.  Happily, I’ve finished one until Autumn, and the other one is on hiatus for the next three weeks…however that’s because my full time job is in the upswing and I really can’t afford to pay attention to anything other than my day job because we open in three weeks, and the site is for families, and it’s not clothing optional.

It’s likely that it’s not only the overworking that’s got me down, but the other reasons are beyond my control.

So naybe I’ll get my crafting mojo back in the next three weeks.

I’m tired.  And I need a hug.


One thought on “Naybe

  1. Naybe! It’s so simple it’s beautiful – what an apt word.

    You’re not the only one losing the crafting mojo lately. Everything has its cycle, and I’m sure you’ll get rebitten by the crafting bug eventually. You can abandon the crafts but they cannot abandon you! 😀

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