You In?

SPRING is my favourite season; it makes people and animals all crazy-like, and tomorrow is the first day of Spring in my neck of the woods. I’m dreadfully excited. The weather has been Spring-like for the last few days, my parents called last night and told me that they have 5 calves so far (two sets of twins and a single), and people are showing more skin than they have in recent memory. These are all good things, though I still think it’s a bit ridiculous to wear shorts and a thick jacket…

In honour of my favourite season, I’m holding a little challenge/contest. I challenge you, my readers, to leave a comment on this post by 10:30 P.M. Mountain Standard Time on Wednesday, March 26th, telling me one way that you’re going to make your world a little more green friendly (green for Spring, get it? Yay!). I of course won’t know if you follow through, but I’d like you to seriously consider it. And it can be something small so long as it’s something. I’m going to change the lightbulbs in my apartment to energy efficient ones and only have them on when I’m in the room.

And I encourage you to sign up for this challenge here. Turning your lights out for one hour isn’t that tough, and it would be neat to watch cities dim for an hour each as it crosses the globe.

Once you have left a comment letting me know what your green-goodness is going to be, I’ll enter your name in a draw to win this:


The sister of my original chickadee (with a friendlier eye). Go green!


12 thoughts on “You In?

  1. I’m in! I’m in!

    I’ve switched one lightbulb to the energy efficient ones but am going to do the same with the others in my apartment (and continue to try to teach Rick to turn them off when he leaves the room). I’ve started recycyling and use my Green bags everywhere but Target (and those bags still get recycled – they’re very sturdy and are perfect for emptying the litter box). And we’ve started recycling at work, too, which is awesome. So really it’s a lot of stuff that I’ve already started doing…oh, here in a few weeks I’ll be filling my window box with flowers and am going to attempt to grow some herbs in a container garden.

    Go Green! 🙂

  2. Being greener is one of my New Year’s Resolution. Already I have cut my household’s gas usage in 1/2 by utilizing car pools and being more efficient in our errand running.

    We’ve started taking reusable bags to the grocery store, but sometimes we forget. My newest goal is to make some Everlasting Bagstoppers from Knitty and keep them in our car so that they are always there.

  3. OMG – Pick MEEEE!!!

    ok. We have changed our lightbulbs already, recycle and I’ve become a deligent light turner offer. I’m putting more effort into making sure we compost this gardening season and my new green thing is switching to more natural cleaners and cleaning methods for the house.

  4. How could I resist!

    I am slowly switching over lightbulbs, as they need changing. I want to get more vegetables, bread, cheese, and fish from the local farmers “market”, so that should save on packaging, and maybe gas because they don’t neccesarily need to be shipped as far, as well as supporting local farmers(that has to be green friendly somehow right?) Oh, and I am trying to switch over to reusable grocery bags instead of the closet full of plastic ones I always end up with!


  5. TK and I already only buy ethanol blended gas for the car (unless it’s an emergency and we’re gonna run out and be stranded), we have switched quite a few lightbulbs too. But here’s the new thing– we’re about to embark on a year of renos for the house. All new kitchen, all new bathroom etc. Whenever possible, we are going to choose products and fixtures that are earth-friendly–i.e. energy star appliances, countertops made from recycled materials, water-saving toilet, etc. A little more pricey–but the cost to the world isn’t nearly as high.

  6. Me too, me too!

    Well, we’ve already switched all our lightbulbs, don’t own a car, use eco-friendly cleaners and recycled toilet paper, walk to work everyday and do the requisite recycling yadda yadda yadda. Living so far north we can perhaps only do the 1000 mile diet during 10 months of the year, but I do try to buy North American foods and goods as often as possible. Ah, my halo is feeling a bit crooked right now, just let me straighten it out… yes, much better. I also save on lighting costs from its glow, by the way. ;P

    My fibery pledge to myself this year was to use up my stash, which I guess has ecological impacts (especially here where everything is shipped up), not to mention a general ring of sanity to it: why buy more when you can make do with what you have? This is also carrying through to my other artistic pursuits. I have lots of materials stashed away, so there’s no sense in buying new paint/paper/fabric etc etc.

    And really, it’s all about being less of a consumer in general I think that will reduce my footprint and make me feel more ecologically sane.

  7. Oh yay! I love the environment.
    Our bulbs are switched and the lights and fans are always switched off when leaving the room.
    I recycle, always bring my shopping tote out and never request for plastic when buying a few items from the corner store.
    I rarely use paper and if I need to print anything, I print on both sides and reduce the size so I can cram more info on one piece.
    I request online statements from my bank and phone company – no more paper statements. Paying bills is done online so I don’t need to drive anywhere.

    Love the chickadee baby!

  8. ooh, pick me!!
    I have no access to silver anymore. And i’ve already been bragging to everyone out hear what a crafting goddess you are, so then they would be able to see more of your work first hand!

    Catch ya later

  9. hi adelle… & thanks laura for hooking me onto this… i love chickadees!

    so how have i become greener? does doing the right thing or having a positive green effect against my will count? i did just move out of my parents house which means i’ve no longer got access to my their vehicles. yes, i’ve busted out my bicycle & am not cruising around town creating zero emissions yipppeeee! it was all fine & dandy till we got a few inches of snow the other morning… it was a slick ride to work. my mom called & asked if i’d like a ride & I SAID NO!

    howz that for green…

    hope surviving without little laura is going ok for you over there… perhaps a green roadtrip down east will have to be arranged in the very near future!

    cheers, anika

  10. Hmmmm, I work everyday at getting the kids out of the shower a little faster, and guilting Steve into doing the same (it doesn’t work with him).

    I turn off lights around the house (whilst saying ‘one polar bear, two polar bears’ as Kaela heard once that turning off a light can save a Polar Bear). Don’t know how that works.

    I shun plastic bags when possible.

    And will do the turning off the lights for one hour thingey again this year – we did it last year and the kids and I walked up and down the street to see who was doing it toooooooo.

  11. I’m too late for the contest but thats ok. Just this year we decided to stop using the plastic grocery bags. I bought a couple canvas totes that I deemed to itchy so I ended up making my own kicky bags. We are not perfect and forget to grab the bags at times….but just knowing that most of the time we do our part makes me feel better.

    Hugs to you chick

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