Achillea and the Bird

Achillea and the Bird, originally uploaded by Adelable.

I finished my first Achillea on Saturday night, and took a few shots of it yesterday. The best light is in my office, and since our friendly pigeon showed up, I thought I’d get a shot with him and the sock.

And I thought “Achillea and the Bird” was pretty clever. Sometimes I feel smug.

I love the Achillea sock. The pattern is deceptively simple and the lines are beautiful. And of course, I love Trekking XXL. This is knit on 2.5 mm dpns.


5 thoughts on “Achillea and the Bird

  1. very clever… other news are you thinking of ever doing another softie swap? I know you are a busy lady but I am in the mood for a challenge. NOt today, but maybe this year.

  2. Doesnt the bird seem to be admiring the sock? Wishing she had a pair of her very own. Love the sock and the bird…. smug is ok at times!

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