Next Time, Gadget! Next Time…

I haven’t done the smile awards yet. This weekend I get two days off in a row, so perhaps I’ll do it then.

Thanks have to go out to Firefly though, she sent me the loveliest package that included a Keychain Sock Blocker Sock, a pair of striped skull socks (my last ones bit the dust, so they’re timely too!) and the greatest paper clips. Yay! Thank you SO much!

And, because I know you enjoy the photos, here is a bustle I mostly finished yesterday…the poufs are just pinned in place right now because I think whoever will wear it will likely need it to be hemmed, which will affect the poufs. This is the fist bustle I’ve ever made that doesn’t have a contrasting coloured fabric. And the first one I’ve made with tassles!




Eugh…Looking at these photos, I think I need a new camera. These were taken with a timer on a tripod…sadness. Oh well, hang in there little camera.


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