Thought Sifting

I had a great birthday.  Despite forcing myself and my friends to breakfast at 9:00 am (on my only day off…yes, I had a nap later).  Besides, it was really good breakfast!  I also rode on the Galaxyland Orbiter, saw 27 Dresses and played blacklight mini-golf.

I’ll show you pictures later, but I got the coolest gift.  I got a book that may just teach me how to contact juggle and an acrylic ball!  So, if I ever figure it out, I can say things like, “But this is not a gift for an ordinary girl who takes care of a screaming baby.”  I’m so excited.

Although, I did ask for people to give to charity rather than to me.  I have so much stuff, and charities generally need more than I do.

My province’s Premier has called for an election for March 3.  Way to give us a month to do our research.  And…I’m a little concerned with the Conservatives and the Liberals both intending to get rid of our health-care premiums…what people seem to be forgetting is that we pay these premiums because we don’t have a Provincial Sales Tax.  Dudes, that money has to come from somewhere, where is it going to come from?  I’m more interested in seeing some better rent control, and building a cushion that will help us get through the end of the boom.  I had given it five years, but I have a feeling that the decline is already starting.  I hate to say it but I worry that a lot of the $450,000 condos and bungalows are going to end up belonging to the banks before long because we could very likely be hit by a nasty recession.  The boom caught our government off guard, I wonder what the bust will do…the Conservatives platform is “We have a plan” but what does that really mean?  And will I be able to figure that out in a month?

But this is a crafting blog.  If I had more free time, I’d probably have more to show you.  But with the three jobs, the silver smithing and the homework and the partying, there’s not a lot right now.  Oh, and Say, the leaf is cut, with the ring soldered onto the back and the veins engraved.  I’ve never learned how to properly cast silver.  One lady I talked to in Okotoks said she doesn’t do casting because anyone can do it…but I’m sure there’s got to be some skill involved…ah well.

I am almost finished the second footie though; I’m decreasing the toe.

But…Lil Rose Thorn could use some prayers for herself and her family.  I’m not at liberty to say over the internet, but some healing thoughts towards her general vicinity would be awesome.


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