Sadness…what a common title for my posts…

I made one of my Baudelaire socks…bound off and everything.  And I can get it on my foot, but it takes about 5 minutes…I’ve got a weird instep or something; patterns fit up to my foot, but the calf often is too small to get over my heel.  And I was working on dpns rather than circulars, and the one time I tried it on I thought it was just where the heel met the back pattern that was the problem.  So I’m going to bring it to one of my friends to see if it will fit her, and if it does, awesome, I’ll make another.  If it doesn’t, I’ll still find a home for it.  Either way, no pics yet.

As for the sock pattern I purchased yesterday, I’m not knitting it yet because I want to find the perfect yarn.  But I did start on the Millicent pattern because I bought that too.  But I am making modifications to that…I’m not too fond of the cuff at the top.  I have thick calves, and I don’t think putting a large horizontal band on top of them would be ideal.  And I’m not much for socks and skirts with my thick calves; these will be for the really cold January days.  So I did 1×1 ribbing for about 1.25″ and then 5 rows of garter stitch, and now I’m onto the rib pattern.  The thing I love about the pattern that made me want to buy it is the beautiful way the ribbing sweeps across the top of the foot.  And having purchased the pattern, the thing I love about the pattern is that it accommodates weird legs like mine.

Oops, gotta go, going to watch a barber decapitate people.


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