Knitting and Why I Love Ravelry

I have a finished object.


Yarn: 2 skeins of Sulka Shade 209; 50g/50m/55yds

Needles: 6.5mm and 5.5mm

Pattern: Foliage

Sulka’s a pretty chunky (and delightfully warm!) yarn.  The pattern typically recommends knitting a bulky yarn only till the line in the first chart, but as recommended by at least one of the members of Ravelry, I finished the first chart with my chunky yarn to try to make it a little more slouchy.  Then I did the second chart once through, followed by the first five rows, though with the fifth I omitted the yarn-overs so that it would take it in a little bit so the hat would stay on my head.  I finished up with the smaller needles doing a 2×2 rib.

I totally dig on this hat, I feel so kitschy cute!


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