Christmas Meltdown

It finally happened last night. I was considering all of the gifts I had started to make and the small amount I had finished, and realised that with the working 7 days a week that I’ve been doing and the social commitments, there’s no way I’ll be done in time. The snapping point was when I remembered that my mother has only enjoyed my silver gifts, not so much my textile gifts, and I was considering knitting her another scarf she wouldn’t wear (the only scarves she wears that I knit were made with eyelash yarns, which is a little painful to a natural fibre snob like me).

So I cast on Baudelaire out of Arequipa yarn in colour 206. Dudes, it’s squishy alpaca-y goodness. For me.


But here’s the apron I made for my friend’s birthday. I already gave it to her so it’s available to be viewed.


And for your amusement, Catzilla with Laser Shooting Eye Action!



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