Spotty at Best

So posting is going to be sporadic over the next little while; I’m working a lot right now, and playing a little, but in my free time I’m trying to make my Christmas presents and more than one of the recipients reads this blog, so there aren’t going to be any photos.  I’m not even allowing myself to knit for me.  And I always find time to knit for me.

But I’ve got 8 vacation days left, and I got permission to take an extra day off a week over the month of December and then I’ll take the rest over Christmas week (of which I will spend half at the farm…do you think the -22 C nights will continue long enough to freeze the lakes enough for ice fishing around then?) so maybe I’ll get the things done and I can start working on the fun things for me again.

In the mean time, I still make a little time for myself; I read right before I go to sleep.  But I finished my latest book and am wondering where to go next.  I’ll pull something out of my collection to tide me over, but if you have a favourite fantasy novel, leave a note in the comments, I’d like to check out something new.


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