Dang Diggy-Dang

Dang is a song by my favourite Hip Hop artist, Buck 65. He’s got a smoky voice and the song is on his most current album (it came out on Tuesday), but I have to say, so far in my limited visitation with his Music, my favourite song has got to be Kennedy Killed the Hat, which sadly isn’t on this album.  Edit: I just couldn’t bear it, so I bought “Secret House Against the World” yesterday so I could own the album holding Kennedy Killed the Hat.  I’m a little too impulsive sometimes, but there it is.

Anyway, Hallowe’en didn’t go as planned. Instead of silver smithing, I went to bed because I felt SO sick. I was asleep by 8. Happy Hallowe’en. And I woke up at 3 because I can only really sleep about 7 hours at a time. Yesterday was hard too, until mid-afternoon.

Last night I held another Crafting Consortium. I started them last year. I loved the idea of a Stitch’n’Bitch, but I never wanted it to be solely about knitting. I don’t only knit or crochet, so I can’t expect my friends to do only those crafts. Although, there were only two non-knitters last night; there was also a bride sewing a veil and a bibliophile embroidering a beautiful patch onto a less than attractive bag to make a great bag.

Also…for fear of ruining the good vibe, I’ve been in love with sewing lately, and this blog may be just the thing to encourage some home-made Christmas presents this year…


2 thoughts on “Dang Diggy-Dang

  1. i’ve tried to keep up with your blog after sockapalooza and i keep finding out that we have a lot of favorites in common. i have been completely in love Buck 65 for a few years now. if you don’t have talkin’ honkey blues, run out and get it now, it’s by far my favourite. i’m also a huge labyrinth fan and am totally jealous of your jareth action figure.

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