Finally, a Finished Object!

I finished my Chu Totoro (the link takes you to the pattern) a little while ago while watching Benny and Joon. He delights me, but mostly because of his tail, of all things.


I spent half of my weekend with my parents, which was pretty nice. Dad and I spent an hour in The Fishin’ Hole. He ended up buying some PowerBait because it was $1 cheaper up here than our local gas station…We also went to a restaurant called CHOP. It was pretty not bad, though I’ve come to realise that I’m a girl who likes ketchup, mustard and relish on a burger.

Otherwise I was pretty productive this weekend. I knit a sleeve onto the Burtley Sweater, so I just have one more sleeve to do, and then I’m going to figure out what modifications I’m going to do to the pattern…I’m building this sweater for summer wear, so I’m not sure I want to knit a scarf into it. But I’m really happy with the cuff. And I also worked on the sadly ignored Sahara sweater. And I baked bread pudding too. Yup, pretty productive.


9 thoughts on “Finally, a Finished Object!

    • Thanks for the compliment but he was a gift for my friends’ children. Also, I don’t sell my knitting or crocheting.

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