Gadzooks, but these are some crazy times…

I’ve been so busy, and things don’t really look like they’re going to be letting up any time soon. Although, I’m beginning to enjoy a three day weekend, and next week I’ll have two days off, and then the week after that I’ll be going back to one-day-weekends as I’ll be starting my new part time job as a receptionist for an eyeglasses shop. The choice came to this…I’d be paid better and I wouldn’t leave my entire paycheque in the store…although…I do like glasses…

Anyway, you’re not here for the boring details of my life in general, you’re here for the pictures of the things I play at.

First: Boo-ty Swap II

I was so pleased by the partnering Firefly did for me. The swag I got was great, and GI gave me a very delightful package including a bag she knit and loved (isn’t it lovely when people give you things that they love? It means so much as a recipient) and fish stitch markers…very amusing to a kid who likes to go fishing with her dad! There were also a couple of skeins of KnitPicks Gossamer yarn in the Caribbean colourway that I’m contemplating patterns for as I type this, a chocolate bar that is long gone (but not forgotten), a humerous little CD, and vanilla/caramel candles that made this by far and away the best smelling package ever (one of my friends warned me not to put them near my bed because they may be missing by the time I wake up and there would be a waxy taste in my mouth…). Thanks so much, GI, it’s all very awesome.


And I had the opportunity to get a fellow Labyrinth fan as my recipient. I had so much fun creating this little dude, and I’m so pleased that she loves him.


Second, the thing that causes me simultaneous pain and joy. Chu Totoro. Here’s the Wiki page on My Neighbor Totoro if you’re interested in how they explain the name. I’m in the process of building him. But the pattern recommended a 3.5 mm hook and I could only find a 3 mm and couldn’t wait…it’s hurty but fantastic. Here’s a progress shot.


And, the bustle is finished. Well…maybe…I’m contemplating crocheting or tatting some lace to go around the jacket edges…yes, I am crazy for the bustle. I think I finally admitted to myself that the 1880s bustle period is my favourite. I’m a bad costume mother, but there it is. Oh, and yes, Chu Totoro is sitting on the mannequin’s neck, I brought him in to show Lil Rose Thorn.


And anybody who lives in Edmonton and is looking for a dry cleaner, I totally recommend Hangers on Jasper Avenue. They do wonderful work, and their stuff doesn’t smell of dry-cleaning afterwards. DREAMY. And totally conscientious. The owner is so customer oriented, it’s phenomenal. I’m a costumer, I’m allowed to be excited about laundry.


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