End of an Era…Sort Of

So, I gave my notice at the yarn store awhile ago, and today was my last day.  And it ended with me feeling really weary.

I’m pretty sure I’ve made the right choice, and I’ll talk about the changes in two weeks, but right now I’m looking forward to veg-ing and maybe doing a little tidying tomorrow, working 5 days, taking 3 days off (I was supposed to go on a cool vacation at the end of the month but it got canceled so I’m taking a long weekend and saving the rest of the days for later), one of which is my friend L’s birthday as well as my parents’ 39th anniversary and the day I’m getting my haircut (the first time in months and I need it), and then start with a new, stoopid busy schedule.

But I’m not entirely leaving the store…I’ll still be a customer of course, and in January I’ll teach another sock class, so I’m still involved, just not quite so regularly.


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