How You Turn My World You Precious Thing

I received notice that something had arrived in the mail for me, so I went to pick it up yesterday after the yarn store.  Hold your hats cats and kittens, I got the greatest belated birthday present ever.  You shouldn’t choose favourites, but really, when your competition is this:



Up in the corner, there’s an extra hand, and a crystal ball, which is awesome; it’s a nod to the wicked contact juggling!

You really have no chance at topping that.  Dudes, the people who created this lovely little toy were exceptional with their attention to detail.  And I can tell you for a fact that not only Jim Henson was the reason for my costuming ways; this particular film is where it truly stems from.

I laughed so hard when I opened the package inside the post office (it said “plastic toys” on the packing slip, and I hadn’t ordered any so I had to open it then and there to get to the bottom of the mystery), and I giggled all the way to my friends’ house to show it off.

Thanks so much to my friend Crispy.  She knows me far too well, and I am completely undone.


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