Will Somebody PLEASE Sign These Artists!

I want their CDs.

I was link surfing on Saturday and came upon this blog with a podcast in it.

I really liked Lanterns on the Lake.  There was a point in my life not too long ago when I really didn’t like female vocalists.  I was listening to a really angry radio station at the time, and, well, they didn’t have a lot of angry female vocalists.  Now I like listening to rather differently angry artists, more of the not mass produced variety, and female vocalists are no longer on my dislike list.  Good thing, because Lanterns on the Lake has a female vocalist, and the music is lovely.

And then there is another female vocalist, Kendra Morris.  Not only is her music interesting, but the bio she wrote, and her influences are quite fascinating too.

However, neither Amazon.ca nor iTunes have heard of either of these artists, so I’m stuck only listening to them at home on my computer.  Sadness.


3 thoughts on “Will Somebody PLEASE Sign These Artists!

  1. I will look into these artists, because, as always, you have sublime taste in music and never fail me. And I think the black sheep movie is just coming out over here, so I may just have to see it at some point. I wish I could be watching it with you though, it would be much more enjoyable I
    am sure.

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