Busy Little Bee…

I always think I have no social life, but I’m out almost every night these days.  Not a lot of time to craft.  Though…


The large brown (with purple undertones) item is the front and back of the mock-cable Burtley sweater, completely off the needles.  Now I need to start on the sleeves.  But they’re of the pick up and knit variety so the sweater is on pause.  I have other more delightful things taking my attention.

The sock toe is Kaylee by Monkey Toes.   I found it on Ravelry which is my new favourite toy.  I needed a project that I could travel with.  The other option is Sahara, but it’s a non-plied silk that I don’t want to get shredded in my bag because I’m lugging it around everywhere.  So socks it is, and this pattern is so cute…except it’s showing toe-cleavage, and that is something I loathe…but maybe I can handle it in a sock…

And that bit of teal is the back shoulder of Sahara.  Isn’t it a beautiful piece of fabric?

I apologise for the quality of the photo, but I’m subject to the whim of being north-ish and not a lot of light gets into my East-facing apartment before 9 a.m.

As for the suit jacket, I have the pockets in the fronts and am onto the pad stitching on the lapel of the right front.  Oh…hand stitching…I’ll show you the completed piece eventually.


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