So I’ve been under the weather…really great for when I’m days away from my vacation, but hopefully it will all work out. Meanwhile, I don’t really have time to be sick, there’s too much to do these days…

Today I had another “I love my job” day. I got to check out some artifacts. I found some wonderful things including spinning wheels, dresses, and sewing and knitting patterns and notions. There was an AWESOME find in a 1922 late summer Butterick pattern catalogue. I had to sit down on the floor and cradle it in my lap because I was just too excited to stand any more. The thing is HUGE!

Here’s a detail of a sleeve of one of the dresses we saw:


Posting may be sporadic this week, and definitely for the first half of the month. I’ll try to post again before I leave. But one more thing I have to share…I just got notice that Crime and Punishment is waiting for me at the library! Holy vacation reading Batman! Wish me luck.


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