Ooh, I got mail!

Except, I can’t really show you in a way that will do it justice; being somewhat North, the days have already started getting shorter, and it’s been cloudy and cool in the mornings, so the photo taking has to happen later in the day already.  And, though it has nothing to do with photo taking, I just need to point out that the trees are starting to turn yellow.  Shudder.

So expect a giftie post soon.

In the meantime, let me distract you with something pretty from the day job:


1920s blouse in washable silk (totally appropriate for the 1920s by the way; I have a vintage magazine advertising Ivory washing flakes warning you not to leave your silk blouses in the hamper with the rest of the clothes because it will damage the delicate fibre).  This blouse didn’t really play well with others; it was supposed to have a tie/collar but I didn’t have enough fabric to do that and have the hip tie, and when I tried to do a Peter Pan collar, it just would not lie properly (the underside rolled to the upper side).  It doesn’t happen a lot, but sometimes the garment forces me to do what it wants rather than lets me force it to do what I want.  This is one of the times the garment was right.


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