Playing with Metal

Here’s what I made last night. 9.4 grams of 92.5 grade silver (I don’t have a hallmark, can’t say it’s sterling).

Little Silver Cloak Pin

Cloak Pin attached to Cricket Hat


6 thoughts on “Playing with Metal

  1. That’s a lovely cloak pin…simple but stunning. Mom just discovered that the silver one that I made for her eons ago fell off the jacket she always pined shut with it (but she isn’t sure where) and is a bit crushed. The beauty of cloak pins is that they double ever so handily as hair pins as well! I love the lines on the one you made–clean and smooth…easy to wear dressed up or down. Truly lovely. As mentioned above, should you desire to go into mass production, and you decide to post a sign-up sheet of people willing to buy, my name (and probably mom’s too) would be at the top…speaking of moms…did yours mention that we ran into her at the shop in Sylvan? We were visiting my gran at her cabin and stopped in at the store on our way to Calgary.

  2. Schwanky! Is the silver not really flexible if you put any pressure on it, though? I think that’d be my biggest concern… Or is silver actually a lot tougher than I think?

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