As if I need to want another project. As if I need to want to spend money on yarn when I’m going on vacation in less than a month (which really isn’t soon enough).

But it’s so pretty. Check out the picture of the back…that shoulder detail is awesome!

Thanks, Ms. Goddess, for giving me something else to covet.

Oh, and I finished Harry Potter last night at 10:30 so the dude who spoiled a part of it for me (hhhhhhhhhhhh) can talk about it in my presence now.


3 thoughts on “Nnnooooooooooo!!!!!!!!

  1. Where are you going?
    The pattern page loaded funny on my computer, what is the name of said awesome shoulder detailed pattern?

  2. I love the sweater and the name is perfect! And all the sizes…maybe one day I’ll be this kind of knitter…

    I was happy that Harry ended happily…but WHO was that creature at his feet as he talked with Dumbledore?

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