Which Five Hours of Sleep

Last night I was invited to a “Salon” which is an evening event that was popular in the 1920s in which people would bring topics and the group would discuss them. I got there around 8:30. I got home around 4:30 this morning. Cool night. Ended with playing Mario Kart.

So today I’m a little tired but I have far more energy than the last time I was up till 1. Because that time I woke up at 5, wide awake. So…interesting. The timing of sleep is just as important as anything else.

I was just playing on the plig, and found a pattern that shares its name with one of my blog friends, and through finding it, found a new blog that I quite enjoy, and a project I want to knit.  Dudes, it has “silk stainless steel” as one of the fibres.  How cool is that?


2 thoughts on “Which Five Hours of Sleep

  1. I have 2 cones of that stainless steel stuff (one with silk, the other with wool). The wire is soooo fine. I got it to do felting and knit to felt projects like that one. I bought mine from KPixie, one of my favourite online enablers. Alas, the stuff just sits with my stash, waiting for me to remember them someday…

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