Still No Photos

I’ve started deep water aquacise with my friend Magnolia. It’s been a long time since I did that and I’m realising how much I missed it.  We’re kind of hooligans in that we buck the counter-clockwise trend and do laps instead of cycles because everyone goes in their own speed and there can be a lot of collisions that way. It will be harder to do on the day that the ropes are up, but we’ll deal with that as it comes. Last night we had to do a noodle train and Magnolia had quite a few little titillating comments for that one 😉

One of the instructors we’ve had makes us giggle.  Magnolia said he reminded her of Napoleon Dynamite’s brother, so we’ve nicknamed  him Kip.  He’s quite intense in his teaching method and plays 80s/90s rock for our motivational tuneage.  Absolutely a riot!  He has quite a variety of moves for us too, which is nice for targeting multiple areas.

And there were two boys the night Kip taught us who were definitely not hard on the eyes…

Wednesday night I attended a staff function that involved a farewell to my very good friend who has decided to move on from his current position. Things will definitely be less exciting with his exit.  It was a fun evening, filled with some old faces who made cameo appearances, as well as bats and “mistletoe”.

Tonight: Spider Pig.

I’ve also “started” running. I’m not a runner. One of my friends once told me that women shouldn’t run because of the threat of tilting the uterus (and I felt that was good enough reason as any to not run), but I’ve often noticed that people don’t look happy when they run. However, my dear friend P says that he feels so much better after he’s gone running, so maybe he’s right. I didn’t feel so great the other day (my first time), and I didn’t do nearly as much as my friend who challenged me did, but I have never been much for physical endurance, which is why it’s good to start.

I did get my last installment of the Hello Yarn Fiber Club. It’s beautiful, and I can’t wait to get started on it, should I ever have a spare moment to do so. I wanted to continue on with it, but I haven’t had a lot of free time lately, and I have to concentrate on my homework. There’s a lot to do and I’ve barely started; I’ve only done a tiny bit of research. But I did some show and tell with one of my coworkers yesterday, explaining the various fibres I’m working with and describing their uses and processes, so that’s a good way to keep up with it.

I hope I’ll get some more interesting and less mundane things to show and/or tell you…in the meantime, you’re getting updates like this one.


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