Crafty Update

So the store picked up a new (to us) line; we’re now carrying South West Trading Company products. I knit a sock out of TOFUtsies that is a lot of fun, but I hadn’t taken a picture of it so maybe I’ll do that when I’m back in the shop. It’s a comfy sock. And my boss decided we’d carry spinning fibre now too, so she picked up some Karaoke, Soysilk, and Silk Latte, as well as the Black Diamond Bamboo. I spun up the Karaoke and set it in a warm water bath and this is what my sink looked like after 20 minutes with the stuff…not impressed with their dyers.

Bleeding Karaoke Fibre

And yesterday while doing some spinning homework research I came across information about Inkle Weaving and realised I had seen one before in one of our storage facilities in the Park. So I grabbed the girls because they had never been up there (that room has a particular scent) and we went and did a little poking around, and sure enough there was an inkle loom that was already set up with quite a bit of weaving already done. I took the item back up to costuming and played with it to get the feel for it. Enough had been woven that I finished that which was already on it, and last night I took it home and sacrificed the yarn for my Tubey sweater and this is where I got in two hours of play.

Weaving with an Inkle Loom

As I was working with it in the shop, I joked to the girls, “This is just what I need; another craft!”

Meanwhile, there has been some sewing going on…much of it for 1920s.

With and Without Jacket

1920s Lilac Waistcoat Blouse and Navy Skirt

Sorry about the blurry photos, the lighting was bad when I took these shots and I was too tired to really care…


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