Fashion Rant

I’ve probably had this rant on a previous blog; it’s an issue that’s near and dear to my heart because I make (and wear) clothes.

Today I bought myself the second cutest bathing suit. It’s a tankini and it would have been the cutest bathing suit if I had gone with the other top, but considering the type of activities I intend to do in said top (swimming as opposed to lounging around), I decided to go with the sensible racer back rather than the PLUNGING halter. And the sensible racer back is a size 8.

I also got some core pieces to the start of a more professional wardrobe. I did have a problem in that I couldn’t find tops to go with the outfits; nothing seemed quite right, but that isn’t the thing that is rant worthy.

What made me a little angry at the modern fashion world is this: in an effort to make the bigger woman feel better about herself, they’ve made sizing so that your size is smaller than you are. So I bought a jacket today that is a size 6; I should be a 10 at least, especially considering that in pattern sizes I’m a 14/16. To compensate for this, they’ve had to create 0s and 00s…this doesn’t help the psyche of the smaller girls like my brother’s classmate who used to wear two pairs of sweatpants under her jeans so she wouldn’t be ridiculed for being so thin. And when the media says that Marilyn Monroe was a size twelve, they mean closer to pattern sizes and DEFINITELY not today’s modern size 12. Yes, I got some satisfaction out of getting that wee jacket, but it felt hollow; I’m still chesty, I’ve still got a tummy, and it kind of offends my sensibilities that they’re messing with my brain that way.

Although, I’ll admit that I was glad that I got a pair of trousers that fit my thighs and wouldn’t easily be pulled off without undoing them though; that was pretty nifty.


One thought on “Fashion Rant

  1. I absolutely agree with the sizing issue. It’s dumb. That said, you look HOT in those outfits. Your profile in the suit is stunning and sleek. That has nothing to do with the number on the label and everything to do with you. By all means, rage against the machine, but don’t let your raging diminish how great you look and how great you feel.

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