Where is my camera?

I think I left it at work after taking some photos of the latest 1920s costume we built.

But that’s okay as I actually have some photos from the trip home on the computer already!

Canada Day

This is my uncle driving his Ford Fairlane (I never remember what year…could be ’64) in the local Canada Day parade.

Canada Day 1

West Central Repair’s poorly edited sign.  But hey, they have a dog on their “float”, they get bonus points.

Canada Day 2

Miniature Ponies pulling a really small buggy.  There were teddy bears in the back of the buggy, advertising the toy horses.  They were wee horses.  I think you could keep one in an apartment (if you could get over the smell).

Canada Day

And some draft horses for a bit of comparison.  There were a lot of horse/waggon combos, several antique cars, a ride-style lawn mower towing children on a train of tipped-over cream cans, a truck with square dancers, and some fire and rescue trucks to follow up.  And there were candies thrown out, but I didn’t go grab any; the ditch in front of where we sat was pretty steep.

But it wasn’t all about the celebrating or the schooling while I was at home…nope, there was the fishing too.  I LOVE fishing in the belly boat.  Getting out on the lake is just so lovely, and peaceful, and I don’t mind taking my poor old broken camera out on the lake with me, so I got some photos of that too…

Loon With Chicks

There are chicks on the back of this female loon.

Stretching Wings

Her mate wasn’t too worried about me taking pictures of the family; he was busy preening.  But when the boaters did get too close they’d all start with their howling to scare people off because they wanted their chicks left alone.

Buck on a Lake

The camera isn’t the awesomest at getting close ups of the wildlife when one is in the middle of a lake.  But I saw something in the bushes, realised it was a deer, started whistling to get his attention, and was mildly surprised and amused when he walked down to get a look at what was making all that racket.  I saw him again an hour or so later, he wasn’t too concerned about our presence on the lake.  I like that you can still see his velvet on his antlers.  I also got to see a doe, but she was much farther away so I couldn’t get a decent shot of her.

Things have been fairly crazy since I got back.   They hired some more people so I’ve had to scramble to get them clothed, I’ve been perusing the library for books on wool and braiding and needlepoint for my homework, doing a little non-homework related spinning, and I have a secret project.  And it’s one I don’t know when I’ll be able to let you know about it.  But it’s awesome.

So things are going well here, but busy.

Oh.  And Transformers is HOT.  Like.  Sexy.  HOT.


2 thoughts on “Where is my camera?

  1. I saw it too! I thought it was fantastically realistic in the visuals, it lost me a little at the end, but still great. Sexy though didn’t pop into my head. I didn’t really watch transformers though growing up, so that could be part of my disconnect from the movie.

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