Pressing the Pause Button

Mother Mother Buttons

So, after months of unattendable (by me) shows, I finally got to see Mother Mother live (while I was looking up the links I found out that they filmed part of their video at MALL…why didn’t anyone tell me?  You can see the video if you scroll down on the second link.). And I got to see them twice in one day. I must tell you, this is the prettiest band going, and they’re fantastic. They have their own unique sound and they’re totally delightful. If you haven’t gone out and listened to them in some form, please do so now and support the good Canadian bands (I’ll admit, I don’t like Nickelback because every song is the same).

And sad but true story…I fell in crush with one of the concert goers.  And yet, I didn’t approach him.  Dagnabbit, but I regret my intrinsic shyness.  HHhhhhhhhhhhhh…

As for the pause button, that’s me and the blog. But only because I’ll be in the land of dial-up for the next several days and blogging will be difficult. Yup, heading down for the SECOND LEVEL of the MASTER SPINNER PROGRAM! I’m stoked.

I’m also stoked that there will likely be some fishing going on while I’m down there.

And a small town Canada Day Parade, which is always a delightful time. Our little blink-and-miss hometown puts out a pretty decent little parade, and there are free candies punted out to the kids. Fantastic.

So I’ll miss you all when I’m gone, but I’ll hopefully have some fun photos when I get back!


4 thoughts on “Pressing the Pause Button

  1. So THAT’S what your facebook status was about… was he the plaid shorts guy??? Hee, I’ll give you advice that I don’t follow… you should’ve talked to him! 🙂 My crush writes on my facebook blog. You can see his picture there… I just asked him to pick me up from the airport because “no one else can do it. Pretty please?”. It also gave an excuse to FINALLY trade digits. Yeah, I’m a slower mover too sometimes. We’ve known each other for 7 months already!

  2. Have a good time at home, enjoy the parade…and have a great time with the Master Spinner part deux…I hope the sequel exceeds the first one! Have fun and learn lots. Say hi to your mom and pop and have fun in the crazy tube thing on the lake/river whilst you fish…sun and water and spinning, all things you love. ‘Tis a good week for you I do hope.

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